Sports and Exercise Medicine

Sports and Exercise Medicine encompasses injury diagnosis and management, injury prevention rehabilitation, and also areas such as health promotion, exercise prescription, and exercising in the older person and those with certain medical conditions.

In injury management, early diagnosis is very important, so we will try to provide timely appointments so that a working diagnosis can be made, and referrals made for x-rays, scans or specialist assessment.

Health promotion can involve screening for high cholesterol or diabetes, and looking at the part that exercise can play in helping to deal with these conditions.

Like medicine, exercise can be prescribed in order to help prevent or manage certain medical problems, for example, prescribing weight-bearing exercises to help prevent osteoporosis, or outlining programme of weight training to prevent falls in older people.

Having certain conditions should not be a barrier to exercise, on the contrary, it is recommended that people with heart disease partake in regular exercise in order to reduce the risk of developing further cardiac problems.




Services Available

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Antenatal (Pregnancy) Care

Well Women Screening

Well Man Screening

Family Planning

Pre-employment Medical Screening

Insurance and Medico – Legal Examinations

Travel Vaccinations

Venesection for Haemochromatosis – fully covered by health insurer

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Cervical screening – registered for free screening via Cervical Check

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